6397 Floral Shirt - floral camo / s



Floral shirt by 6397.

Features a button front closure, button cuffs and a chest pocket.

Fit: Relaxed Fit

About the brand:

6397, an alphanumeric rendering of N-E-W-S on a telephone keypad, is an extension of The NEWS showroom - a reflection of Stella’s own personal style, as well as that of the women who work alongside her. Its design philosophy is driven by real life, celebrating the spirit of individuality and community – with a special nod to youth and counterculture. 6397 is a thoughtful approach to timeless fashion, understated yet expressive – with the belief that what you wear is all about letting your personality shine through.

6397 Floral Shirt
6397 Floral Shirt
6397 Floral Shirt